How to Stream FREE Movies TV Shows Nvidia Shield, Mi Box, Android UnlockMyTV 2020!

How to watch FREE movies and TV shows on Nvidia Shield, Mi Box or Android device with UnlockMyTV for 2020! This is an excellent app and one of the best FREE applications to use in 2020. UnlockMyTV is a FREE and easy to use media player that searches the internet for links to movies and TV shows. The app then uses the media player to view them. In this video you will learn how to quickly and easily download the application to your Nvidia Shield, Mi Box and Android device and then see a quick preview of how to use the UnlockMyTV application. To Stream Premium Live TV in HD go to We always suggest using a VPN, whether you are streaming, buying, banking or just surfing the web in general, a VPN can help in many ways, especially with buffering issues when streaming. For a trusted VPN that works well and more info, you can go to IPVanish. We hope you enjoy the UnlockMyTV application and please don't forget to like and subscribe to the YouTube channel for tips, updates and new applications as they become available! Enjoy!

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