How to Download Streams R Us to Android, Nvidia Shield, Mi Box 2018

Step by step instructions explaining how to download Streams R Us to your Android Box, Nvidia Shield, Xiaomi Mi Box for 2018.

You will first learn how to download the Downloader application, which will allow you to download and install other applications that are not available on the Google Play Store.

This is the most updated instructional video at this time. Streams R Us is included for FREE with your Gears TV service. You will have access to almost 5,000 FREE movies on Demand!

If you do not have your Gears TV login info, simply go to Your Streams R Us username and password will be the same as Gears TV.

Do not forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel. They continue to add videos with updates, tips and new apps as they become available. Enjoy!


  • Hi Otis, unfortunately Streams R Us is no longer available. There are other excellent free options available. Check out the YouTube page

    Gears TV IPTV Info
  • Is Streams R US still available?


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