Amazon Fire TV Cube to be Released Soon!

Amazon has quietly announced they will be releasing their new streaming device. Called the Amazon Fire TV Cube, there is very little verified information available. From the rumors we have heard and read, it seems that the Fire TV Cube will be a cross between a Fire TV and an Echo. 

Last September, AFTV news released a picture of the not yet released Fire TV 3 and what appeared to be a small, square box, that was never spoken about or released. We believe, this will be the next and newest streaming device released by Amazon.

The only verified information is a simple page on the Amazon website that states, "What is Fire TV Cube? Details Coming Soon" with a clickable box, "Sign up to learn more". Signing into your Amazon account  and clicking the box will subscribe you a free monthly subscription containing information about Fire TV, including tips, tricks, and new content.

To be notified of new information when it becomes available, simply click the sign up button on the Amazon Page. Are you excited, and or interested in a new Amazon streaming device? Leave a comment below.

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